Medium Duty Truck SErvice

Oil Change / PM Services

Services conforming to manufacturer recommendations or existing PM schedules setup by your company.

Tire Sales And Installation

We have a great selection of brands and sizes to meet every need.

DOT Inspections

Onsite or in our full service facility, we can ensure your truck is FHWA compliant.


Whether you hit a curb, or just want to make sure everything is correct we can align all makes and models.


Transmission service, repair, or replacement we can take care of today's complex transmissions.


From a simple tune-up to complex diagnostics, or even complete engine replacement our techs can handle even the toughest jobs.




Hydraulic + Lifgate Repair

Liftgate not working?  PTO not engaging?  We have experience with a wide variety of truck mounted equipment.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Don't buy your next vehicle without our expert eyes.  We have the knowledge to help you get a better deal or save yourself from a nightmare.

Fleet Accounts

Whether you have an account with a major leasing company such as ARI, Wheels, Enterprise, or if you want an in-house net type account we are flexible.

Driveline Repair

Did you know your driveshaft spins about 3,000 revolutions each minute at 60MPH!  A slight imbalance can cause other damages.  Let us help before things spin out of control.

DEF/AdBlue + SCR Systems

Regen, DEF, SCR, NOx, these terms are enough to make your headspin!  Don't go at it alone let us help with any exhaust related needs.

Differential Service

The transmission isn't the only part of your vehicle with a complex set of gears and parts.  Differential repairs can be costly, but preventive maintenance  can help avoid those costly repairs.